Oregon Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Claims


Helping Injury Victims and Their Loved Ones Get Fair Compensation for Injuries or Wrongful Death

We help injury victims get compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and mental and physical pain and suffering.

Insurance companies often ask injury victims to settle their cases for a small amount, before they have finished treatment for their injuries.  You have the right to have an attorney review your settlement before you sign any papers.  Signing settlement papers will likely prevent you from going back to the insurance company and asking for additional medical expenses or lost wages.

Oregon and Washington, like most states, have a time limit for filing claims and for filing lawsuits.  If you miss any important deadlines, it may not be possible for you to recover for your medical bills and lost wages.

At Gibson Injury Law, we handle auto accident injury claims, insurance claims, claims against police and government agencies, nursing home abuse and neglect, claims for defective products, medical negligence, slip and fall injuries, injuries caused by animals, wrongful death claims, assault claims, and claims against bars, taverns and restaurants.

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