Insurance Claims

Car-Accident-ClaimPersonal Injury Protection (PIP)

Most Oregon and Washington auto insurance policies provide for Personal Injury Protection (PIP), coverage that pays for your medical bills and wage loss regardless of who caused the auto accident.  In Oregon, insurance policies are required to pay for the first $15,000 of medical expenses and to pay 70% of your wages for up to 52 weeks.

Insurance companies sometimes pay medical expenses and lost wages without any problems, but often deny payment on the grounds that the medical bills were for excessive and unnecessary treatment and deny wage loss claims on the grounds that you did not need to be off work so long.

Your insurance company can require that you go to see a doctor of their choice to advise them whether to pay the claim or not.  It is important to have a lawyer explain your rights and responsibilities when making an insurance claim.

What if my bills exceed my PIP coverage?

We assist clients in collecting the unpaid medical bills and wage loss from the person who caused the accident.  And we don’t charge a fee for doing so.

What if I was on the job when I got into a car accident?

If you were on the job at the time of your accident, your workers compensation company may be paying for your medical bills and lost wages while you are recovering.  Under Oregon and Washington law, the workers compensation company is entitled to get some or all the money it paid on your behalf when you settle your case against the person who caused your injuries or that person’s insurance company.  Bill Gibson has been handling cases involving workers compensation insurance for 35 years and can advise you how it works and what to be prepared for.

My health insurance company paid part of my medical bills.

If your health insurance company paid all or part of your medical bills after your accident, then that company may be entitled to get reimbursed when you settle the case.  The laws and regulations are complicated, but Bill Gibson has worked with Kaiser, Regence, Provide, Medicare and other insurance companies on behalf of his clients.