Nursing Home Injuries


Nursing home patients deserve to be treated so that they are safe and well cared for.  Every state has laws that require nursing homes to meet certain standards for patient safety.  A nursing home may be held liable if a patient suffers from neglect or is injured while in the nursing home.

Claims against nursing homes can result from patients not being fed properly, when the patient develops malnutrition or suffers a dramatic weight loss.  Nursing homes are required to prevent patients from falling while unattended and to use reasonable care in transporting patients.

Some patients in nursing homes develop decubitus ulcers (bedsores) from not being moved or turned enough.  Nursing homes may be held liable for these injuries.

Nursing homes, residential care facilities and adult foster homes can be held liable for the injury to a patient or the death of a patient as a result of sub-standard care or negligence.  The patient or the family of the patient may be entitled to recover money damages for the medical expenses resulting from the negligence, the pain and suffering experienced by the patient or the loss of society and companionship in the event of the death of the patient.

Nursing homes can also be held liable if a staff member or another patient sexually abuses a resident.  Nursing homes are required by law to report suspected cases of sexual abuse.

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